How to Restore Tabs

Have you ever accidentally shut the Chrome window with multiple essential tablets? Well, you are not alone; we all go through this situation now and sometimes. Thankfully, you can restore or reopen any closed tab or web page you were browsing. You can even reopen the tablets that you had used a week ago in Chrome.

Chrome as a browser gives us leniency to operate our browsing tab so effortlessly. Do you want to know how? There are a couple of steps that you can follow to bring your previous tabs to Chrome. Let’s dive into each step one by one.

STEP 1- How To Open Recently Closed Tabs On Chrome

It absolutely can happen to any of us, you unintentionally close a tab. There are some shortcut keys in Chrome to wrap up any mess. The shortcut keys are the easiest way to reopen a recently shut window tab.

However, it depends on the computer system you are using, whether you have a Mac or Windows.

Shortcut Key For Mac Users

Shortcut Key For Window Users

STEP 2- How To Reopen Closed Tabs On Chrome

What would you do if you had to open the tabs of the previous day?

How do you open them?

Well, Chrome has simple keyboard shortcuts to relaunch any closed tablet.

  • You only need to right-click on the empty area of the tab bar, and a dialog box will open.
  • Then click on Reopen Closed Tab.
  • The window with all the tabs of the previous day would open.
  • How To Get Tabs Back (Another Method)


There is another method that you can use to recover your previously used tabs. You may have heard about this method earlier.

Let’s look into it and keep reading for a bonus solution that will ease your experience of using multiple tabs:

  • Click on the three vertical dots at the right corner.
  • Click on History.
  • A dialog will open with all your previously used tabs.
  • You can click on them one by one to open them.


This method is a bit time-consuming if you need to open a bunch of tabs. There is a quick way that will help you to control all your bookmarks, window tabs, and even you can make a folder of your prime browsing tabs.


You can use a shortcut key on Chrome.

Window users can use-

Mac users can use-

STEP 3- How To Restore Entire Session Of Tabs In Chrome (Bonus Method)

What if you need to restore an entire session of tabs that you had worked on a week ago? How would you recover those tabs in Chrome? Indeed you can control all your tablets on Chrome browser with Flowbar Chrome Extension.

Flowbar allows you to save all your tabs while creating groups or folders. Just like your phone gallery, you can insert tabs in their complementary folder for easy access. You can even export these tabs wherever you log in to your Chrome browser or any web page effortlessly.



Flowbar automatically saves all your tabs in an auto-saved folder, so you can close your browser without bothering to save as a bookmark or fear of losing your essential web pages. It simply arranges all the active tabs in the auto-saved folder, and you can easily access these tabs at any time. An easy way to save, close, move, reopen, or restore tabs.

STEP 4- How To Reopen Tabs After Restart By Enabling Setting

If you want to restore Chrome tabs after restarting your system, you can enable it in the settings.
  • Click on the vertical three dots on the right corner of the Chrome browser.
  • Click on the Settings.
  • Select the On Start-up option at the left sidebar.
  • Enable the setting Continue where you left off.

After enabling this option, whenever you restart your system, any opened tabs restore automatically. However, the flowbar is much simpler than this method.

If you sign out from the browser and whenever you sign in, you might not restore your bookmarks. How would you recover your bookmarks? Check out the solution to recover lost bookmarks back in your browser.


Bottom Line

You do not need to save your tabs once you have installed Flowbar Chrome Extension on your browser. It can make your browsing experience much easier than before. It allows you to control all your tabs and automatically saves your browsing window. You only require one click to reopen them. Try it once to get an effortless experience.