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Chrome Tab Manager
Quick Save : When you click Quick Save it saves and closes all the tabs into Quick Saved folder.
Save All Tabs As : This gives you the option to save all open tabs into a folder of your choice. You can either save into an existing folder or create a new right there before saving. It also closes the ones that are saved.
Save Selected Tabs : is just like the previous one but only selected tabs will be saved into a folder. You can select multiple tabs with Shift+Clicking on tabs.
Dashboard opens the board where you can see all the saved tabs, folders, settings and more features.
Active Windows : shows currently open tabs in all your windows you can drag and drop any links from there to the folders on the left. The open tabs won’t close when you do this they will only be saved into those folders.
Auto Saved : Every 4 hours the newly opened tabs will be saved in this folder.
Quick Saved : all the tabs that’s saved with Quick Save option will be saved here.
1) Share : Use this switch to share your groups or folders with others. You will be given a URL link that can be viewed by anyone once you turn it on. When you make a change in your group or folder it will be reflected in your shared link immediately.
2) Add a note : Here you can add a text note
3) Move You can select multiple tabs and move them into a different folder. Alternatively you can also drag and drop links into different folders but one by one.
4) Restore This button opens all the selected tabs in that group in your browser window.
4) Important When you click on the star that link gets marked as important. Important links can always be viewed on the right side of the dashboard panel. 

How to use the Top Bar in Flowbar?

How to use the Active Windows feature?


What is the difference between the Awesome plan and Free plan?

On Awesome plan you will be able to create notes, nested folders and use it without ads.  Free version still have cloud backup, important items marking,  protected pinned tabs & new top bar for quick acce

What happens to my notes and nested folders after switching to the Free plan?

All the notes and nested folders that you created remain accessible even if your subscription ends or you’ve switched to the Free plan. But you can’t create new notes or nested folders on Free plan.

How is the payment being processed? 

Payments are processed using Stripe. It’s one of the safest payment systems available and used by companies like Lyft, Doordash, Unicef and many others. Your payment information is never stored on our end.   

Do you offer refunds?

30-day money back guarantee. To do this, please contact us.

What happens if I cancel my paid plan?
When you cancel your plan, you will remain on the plan until the end of your billing cycle, at which time the plan will be canceled.

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